Home Energy Rebate Post-Improvement Rating Request

Getting Started

Please locate your profile using either your phone number or email address. After selecting your profile, you may choose an energy rater for your Post-Improvement Energy Rating. AHFC will reimburse you up to $175 towards the cost of a Post-Improvement Energy Rating.

The Home Energy Rebate Program Guidelines (PDF) establishes the conditions and parameters of this program. Please ensure you understand them prior to requesting your Post-Improvement Energy Rating.

Profile Search

Enter the ProfileID that was provided to you in the confirmation email you received for the your previous As-Is Energy Rating request. Additionally, you may select another field to search on from the search dropdown. If you did not receive an As-Is Energy Rating, please go back and sign up for an As-Is Rating. If you do not remember or cannot find your ProfileID you may use the dropdown on the left of the search box to find your profile by, ProfileID, Contact Phone, or Contact Email.

Contact Information

Your confirmation email will be sent to the below address. You may update this address if this is no longer accurate. This will update your profile for future correspondence.

Comments & Additonal Information

If you wish to leave a comment or have additional information for us, please fill out the comment box.